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Baby Lock Embellisher Felting Machine

Baby Lock Embellisher 12-Needle Felting Machine

Baby Lock Embellisher Felting Machine


The Embellisher, needle felting machine, helps create beautiful surface embellishments with a look and feel unlike anything you’ve seen before.



If you’re looking for a technique to make your projects stand out in a crowd, then the Embellisher is the machine for you.  Sewers, quilters, crafters and embroidery lovers all appreciate the extra touch that this machine can bring to any project.  The Embellisher uses the unique art of European needle felting to create incredible detail and texture using absolutely no thread!  The barbed needles on the Embellisher push fibers together to “mesh” fabrics.  You can even remove any of the needles or use all 12 for free-motion embellishments of any size.  


Additional Information

  • 12 Needles – The barbed needles mesh fabric together without using thread.  Customize the size of your surface area by adding or removing any of the 12 needles.
  • Finger Guard and Cloth Presser – Get as close as you’d like – the clear finger guard protects your hands from the needle without blocking your visibility.  The built-in cloth presser stabilizes fabric for control and precision while free-motion embellishing.
  • Yarn Port – Avoid tangles with the convenient yarn port, which continuously feeds yarn (up to 4mm in diameter) directly through the machine to the needles.
  • Yarn and Ribbon Stand – Control spools of yarn or ribbon as you embellish with the attached stand.  This stand helps keep materials by your side and tangle-free for easy feeding.
  • Ribbon Guide – The ribbon guide holds ribbon (up to 10mm wide) in front of the machine to keep it twist free and under control.
  • Free-motion needle felting technique for embellishing almost any fabric
  • Presser foot height adjustment
  • Free arm embellishing
  • Built-in accessory storage
Included Accessories
  • Exclusive Baby Lock Creative Project Book
  • Extra Needles
  • Dust Cover
  • 2 Allen Screwdrivers
  • Tweezers
  • 25-year limited
  • 10-year parts
  • 2-year electrical
  • 1-year labor

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