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Monogrammed Holiday Towels

Monogramming is a speedy way to dress most towels for a lovely holiday presentation, or for personal gifts. It takes on a few quick steps to produce flawless towels your party guests or gift recipients will truly appreciate.

Skill Level: Easy

Created by: Diane Kron, Sewing Project Manager at Baby Lock


  • Baby Lock® Destiny II Sewing and Embroidery Machine
  • 2 Flour sack towels 24” x 38”
  • 2 Christmas colored fat quarters
  • Madeira® sewing and embroidery thread
  • Baby Lock Tear-Away Stabilizer
  • Baby Lock Positioning Stickers


  1. From the flour sack towels, cut three pieces that measure 18” x 24”.
  2. Set up the machine for sewing.
  3. Hem the two long sides and one short end. Fold the ends in ¼” and press. Fold in again ¼” and press. Top stitch close to the edge on all three edges. Set the stitch length to 3.00. Repeat for the other two towels.
  4. From the three Christmas fat quarter fabrics, cut three sections that measure 18” x 8 ½”. Turn under ½” on one of the 18” edges and press.
  5. With right sides together, place the unfolded edge on the Christmas fabric to the unhemmed flour sack towel edge. Sew the two together using a ½” seam allowance. Press the seam toward the Christmas print fabric. Fold the opposite edge of the Christmas fabric to the back side with the folded edge even with the seam line. Pin in place. Top stitch on the right side of the towel.
  6. To determine the placement for the letters, measure 3 ½” up from the top edge of the flour sack fabric and place a Baby Lock Positioning Sticker.

At the embroidery machine...

  1. Set the machine up for embroidery. Hoop the tear-away stabilizer in the 200mm x 200mm along with the towel. Center the cross-mark on the Position Sticker in the center of the hoop.
  2. To retrieve the letter, click on the Embroidery field. Select Number 4 as shown to the right.
  3. Select the sixth font. Click on the letter that you wish to embroider on the towel. These letters are about 6” tall. In the sample, the word “JOY” was used.
  4. To ensure the design is centered, in the Edit field click on the Positioning icon. The machine will scan the area inside the hoop and position the letter so that it lines up the sticker.
  5. Embroider the letter. Remove the towel from the hoop. Repeat for the remaining towels.

Don't be intimidated by embroidery -- start with a simple monogram as shown in these project instructions and make a unique, personalized gift for the holidays!

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