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In October of 2017, we hosted Digitizing University with Stephen Wilson from Anita Goodesign. This workshop was designed to teach you how to digitize designs. Here is what you had to say about the event:

“It was the best class I have ever been to – maybe anywhere!  I will be taking time to practice and absorb what I heard.  I couldn’t even sleep after the first night, I was so excited.  My mind was thinking of ways to incorporate my embroidery into my artwork.“– Rose Ham

“After playing around with digitizing software for the last few years, I’ve had many successes thanks to (included) training by Floriani.  Steve Wilson’s class enlightened me to the theory behind the design, allowing a better understanding to the construction of any design.  I had several  “light bulb” moments during the 2 days due to his organized presentation style.  Key strategies were explained in a comfortable pace and clearly (with visuals).  His comfort in extolling his knowledge in his field was uninhibited and humbling.  A true Master.” - Bob Le Mons

"I LOVED IT!  I was particularly impressed with the techniques he taught us to create texture in the finished product.  I kept having flashbacks of projects that did not turn out well in my past, and the techniques Steve taught us sounded like the cure for the problem I had in every case.  It wasn’t just a lecture – it was a simultaneous lecture/show and tell.  It made it so I knew exactly what he was talking about.  The ultimate show and tell!  Steve, come back!  He inspired me to want to move in different directions.  I’ve been thinking about it since the class ended."  - Robert Bamberger

Lisa Gerace left us these kind words on Google+

"I have always had great service at B Sew Inn. The staff is always friendly and there is always tons of staff to help you. When you buy a Babylock machine here you can count on having free instructional classes for your machine anytime you need them. You just go on their website and open up the list of classes and look for the ones for your machine that say $0. If it says $0 it is one of the free classes. I have never had any company support their product this way and trust me you get what you pay for. If you buy a Babylock at B Sew Inn you can count on having help for a very very long time; but if you buy your machine at a sewing store or retail store you will not receive technical support or educational classes with it. The staff at B Sew Inn work their tails off to keep their customers happy."