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Celebrate National Sewing Month All September Long!

Celebrate sewing all month long with specials on your favorite machines:

- Get a $100 Rebate on a Crescendo (BLCR)

- Get a $250 Rebate on an Ovation (BLES8)

- Get a $200 Rebate on a Tiara, Tru Stitch with a Tiara White Table (BLTR16-2)

- Get a $300 Rebate on a Tiara, Tru Stitch and Koala Studio (BLTR16-2)

- 50% off MSRP on a Sashiko machine (BLQK2)


Visit babylockrebates.com for details and to enter your rebate request.


Below are the Trade-In Sheets for those

customers who are trading in their Baby Lock

Machine for the
New Baby Lock Destiny.

To determine the Baby Lock Model that you currently own, look on the back of your machine at the silver plate and you will see a model number
(as shown below)

(if you have added an upgrade to your machine you will
still use the model number that is on your machine when downloading the trade-in sheets)

Baby Lock Ellismo Gold 2 (BLSOG2) Baby Lock Ellegante 2 (BLG2)
Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold (BLSOG) Baby Lock Ellegante (BLG)
Baby Lock Ellisimo (BLSO) Baby Lock Ellageo Plus (BLL2)
Baby Lock Unity (BLTY) Baby Lock Ellageo (BLL)
Baby Lock Journey (BLJY) Baby Lock Esante (BLN)
Baby Lock Ellegante 3 (BLG3) Baby Lock Spirit (BLPY)


Download a Destiny Spec Sheet



and more reasons to love the Destiny....

Contact your favorite B-Sew Inn location to

reserve your Destiny today! 


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