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Floriani 120 Spool Color Spectrum Thread Set


Don’t get caught without the right shades, tints or tones of thread to complete your embroidery designs! These 120 Floriani colors were carefully organized to give you the full spectrum for any project. Get the excellent results you deserve with this one of a kind thread set. Now you can have the full spectrum on any of your projects!
This is the first of three 120 spool sets containing the newest Floriani colors

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    Threads Included:
    PF0007 Oriental Blue PF0007 Oriental Blue PF0367Blueberry PF0367 Blueberry
    PF0010 Neon Citron PF0010 Neon Citron PF0370 Mint Julep PF0370 Mint Julep
    PF0023 Shocking Pink PF0023 Shocking Pink PF0378 Deep Sea Turquoise PF0378 Deep Sea Turquoise
    PF0083 Raspberry Rhapsody PF0083 Raspberry Rhapsody PF0385 Niagara PF0385 Niagara
    PF0102 Light Pink PF0102 Light Pink PF0393 Italian Blue PF0393 Italian Blue
    PF0103 Pink PF0103 Pink PF0396 Deep Widsor PF0396 Deep Widsor
    PF0105 Laurel Pink PF0105 Laurel Pink PF0502 Dandelion PF0502 Dandelion
    PF0123 Pink Mist PF0123 Pink Mist PF0512 Jasmine PF0512 Jasmine
    PF0125 Bright Pink PF0125 Bright Pink PF0514 Golden Glow PF0514 Golden Glow
    PF0128 Scorching Pink PF0128 Scorching Pink PF0521 Cornsilk PF0521 Cornsilk
    PF0129 Deep Pink PF0129 Deep Pink PF0535 Golden Poppy PF0535 Golden Poppy
    PF0131 Light Lilac PF0131 Light Lilac PF0540 Cream PF0540 Cream
    PF0137 Fandango PF0137 Fandango PF0542Cockatoo PF0542 Cockatoo
    PF0151 Baby Pink PF0151 Baby Pink PF0561 Old Ivory PF0561 Old Ivory
    PF0396 Wild Blue Yonder PF0152 Medium Pink PF0564 Bran PF0564 Bran
    PF0165 Mauve PF0165 Mauve PF0592 Coast Point PF0592 Coast Point
    PF0192 Deep Rust PF0192 Deep Rust PF0600 Viola PF0600 Viola
    PF0197 Cherry PF0197 Cherry  PF0601 Zephyr PF0601 Zephyr
    PF0198 Wine PF0198 Wine PF0603 Plum Pewter PF0603 Plum Pewter
    PF0199 Chocolate PF0199 Chocolate PF0605 Grape PF0605 Grape
    Green Brown PF0200 True Green PF0616 Tyrian Blue PF0616 Tyrian Blue
    PF0205 Willow Green PF0205 Willow Green PF0622 Geisha PF0622 Geisha
    PF0206 Wreath Green PF0206 Wreath Green PF0661 Light Violet PF0661 Light Violet
    PF0214 Basil PF0214 Basil PF0688 Grape Jelly PF0688 Grape Jelly
    PF0218 Maui Green PF0218 Maui Green PF0689 Concord Grape PF0689 Concord Grape
    PF0221 Neptune PF0221 Neptune PF0694 Viking Purple PF0694 Viking Purple
    PF0229 Lime PF0229 Lime PF0702 Fire Engine Red PF0702 Fire Engine Red
    PF0231 Sour Apple PF0231 Sour Apple PF0713 Grey #2 PF0713 Antique Bronze
    PF0232 Spring Green PF0232 Spring Green PF0739 Cleveland PF0739 Cleveland
    PF0233 Irish Green PF0233 Irish Green PF0745 Harvest Brown PF0745 Harvest Brown
    PF0239 Dark Grey Green PF0239 Dark Grey Green PF0751 Sweet Melon PF0751 Sweet Melon
    PF0246 Dark Grass Green PF0246 Dark Grass Green PF0752 Aurora Orange PF0752 Aurora Orange
    PF0248 Hunter Green PF0248 Hunter Green PF0846 Brown PF0846 Brown
    PF0249 Mitchell Green PF0249 Mitchell Green PF1013 Iceland PF1013 Iceland
    PF0251 Flite Green PF0251 Flite Green PF1086 Raspberry PF1086 Raspberry
    PF0193 Cherry PF0255 Evergreen PF1545 Cotton Candy PF1545 Cotton Candy
    PF0197 Black Cherry PF0257 Holly Green PF1586 Cabernet PF1586 Cabernet
    PF0239 Dark Grey Green PF0259 Grey Wool PF1600 Light    Mulberry PF1600 Light Mulberry
    PF0262 Nile PF0262 Nile PF1609 Intense    Maroon PF1609 Intense Maroon
    PF0265 Dinosaur Green PF0265 Dinosaur Green PF1703 Pink Yarrow PF1703 Pink Yarrow
    PF0272 Light    Pistachio PF0272 Light Pistachio PF1715 Medium    Beauty Rose PF1715 Medium Beauty Rose
    PF0273 Key Lime PF0273 Key Lime PF1902 Roseleaf PF1902 Roseleaf
    PF0275 >Mineral Green PF0275 Mineral Green PF1908 Dark Pansies PF1908 Dark Pansies
    PF0276 Royal Sage PF0276 Royal Sage PF2013 Avocado PF2013 Avocado
    PF0283  Green Gold PF0283 Green Gold PF2014 Rosemary PF2014 Rosemary
    PF0284 Scotch green PF0284 Scotch green PF2015 Patio Green PF2015 Patio Green
    PF0285 Parsley PF0285 Parsley PF2016 Oregano PF2016 Oregano
    PF0291 Seafoam PF0291 Seafoam PF2042 Aquamarine PF2042 Aquamarine
    PF0293 Blue Spruce PF0293 Blue Spruce PF2417 Dark    Grey/Green PF2417 Dark Grey/Green
    PF0294 Pine Green PF0294 Pine Green PF3103 Medium Green/Blue PF3103 Medium Green/Blue
    PF0307 Rocket Blue PF0307 Rocket Blue PF3433 Pretty Blue PF3433 Pretty Blue
    PF0331 Crystal Blue PF0331 Crystal Blue PF3762 Chambray PF3762 Chambray
    PF0352 Moderate Blue PF0352 Moderate Blue PF3763 Baby Blue PF3763 Baby Blue
    PF0354 Pale Purple PF0354 Pale Purple PF3877 Dusty Navy PF3877 Dusty Navy
    PF0358 Navy Satin PF0358 Navy Satin PF7986 Brown Stone PF7986 Brown Stone
    PF0358S Midnight Navy PF0358S Midnight Navy PFK37 Aqua PFK37 Aqua
    PF0362 Pastel Blue PF0362 Pastel Blue PFK38 >Deep Violet Purple PFK38 Deep Violet Purple
    PF0363 Twinkle Blue PF0363 Twinkle Blue PFK7 Grey #2 PFK7 Solar Blue
    PF0365 Medium Blue PF0365 Medium Blue PFP52 Mediterranean PFP52 Mediterranean
    PF0366 Bluejay PF0366 Bluejay PFY40 Pink Passion PFY40 Pink Passion
    Weight 9.0000 lbs

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